• Windows 10 20H2 Update — Updated on 2020/11/25 11:57
  • Windows 10 1809 Update — Updated on 2018/12/16 10:25
  • Broadcom gnss 4752 geolocation sensor driver does not fit well,
    solved with 2018/07/08 update — Updated on 2018/07/08 21:15
  • Windows 10 1803 Update — Updated on 2018/05/05 20:14
  • Windows 10 clean installation (Fall creator 1709) — Updated on 2017/10/19 02:28
  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update — Updated on 2017/10/18 16:45
    Need to install Windows freshly
    • SD memory encryption & permission adjustment
    • Allocate data & program files into SD memory

+Que to do

  • Permission for microSD should be re-arranged.
    • Check users and permission (only operator can have full permission)
    • Propagation and endowment upon folder (1st tier only)

Due to insufficient size of main disk, machine needs to allocate program files into external disk such as SD memory. To be ensure of permission and file tags, recommend copying files with robocopy in command line.

 C:\> robocopy /E /COPYALL C:\Program Files\PROGRAM_FOLDER N:\Program_Files\PROGRAM_FOLDER 

robocopy should be used to matching SOURCE_FOLDER to DESTINATION_FOLDER, FOLDER to FOLDER. Usually, DESTINATION FOLDER might not be existing before execute command. And make a link for substituting original folder.

 C:\> mklink /J PROGRAM_FOLDER N:\Program_Files\PROGRAM_FOLDER  

Disabled sound after major Windows updates

Problem: After major update like Windows 10 Fall Creator Update or 1803 Update, Sound becomes disabled.

Symptom: Even with official drivers from LENOVO, sound does not turn to normal.

Solution: Install Intel BYT Platform Drivers for Windows 10 (32-bit) from LENOVO Drivers to reset drivers back being overridden by updates — Direct download

Windows key in Bluetooth keyboard is not working

Problem: Under certain circumstances, Windows key in Bluetooth keyboard (Product Number is BKC800) is not working at all.

  • LENOVO support team suggest a fixing way with registry editing.
  • BKC800 fix registry WebDAV — Updated on 2017/08/26 19:18
  • This problem happens without any condition (or unknown condition).
  • Solution for this problem with consistency is Let BKC800 charge fully and try to get pairing via Bluetooth

Login credientials forgotten

Problem: Basically, tablet does not hold large space of main storage, usually C: drive, which requires external data storage to run program properly. Attached (or extended) storage make sometimes permission issues. For better performance, caches and temporary files are forced to locate attached one. However, caching files can have conflict with permission problem.

Symptom: Login credentials saved are not recognized and requires fresh new authentication. – login credentials are not stored as cache.

  • Just make another directory for caching or temporary files.
  • Delete all the caches in Internet Explorer and other browser.
  • Locate new path for internet caches or temporary.

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