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  • 15.1 β€” [βœ“ meson, 2018-03-04]AUX 5X | [βœ“ meson, 2018-04-10]HEX 6 | NEX 5 | TAB 7 | [βœ“ meson, 2018-09-19]XUS 4
  • 16.0 β€” AUX 5X | [βœ“ meson, 2020-02-19]HEX 6 | NEX 5 | TAB 7 | XUS 4
  • 17.1 β€” [βœ“ meson, 2020-07-04]HEX 6

β˜› Configure private cellular network with one notification

  • Connect cellular with Google Voice.
  • Verify cross reference linkage to set fail-safe.
  • Only one notification to holding device.
  • Recording history log to WebDAV server.

β˜› How to export VPN configuration

Before wipe all

  • Backup settings
    • BeyondPod
    • Nova Launcher

Flash Custom ROMs

Setup environmental required

Materials required to flash

Update (or flash) recovery

  • connect working computer with mobile device
    • adb reboot recovery to boot with recovery
  • wipe data and systems in recovery menu
  • push materials to flash up
    • adb push <filename.zip> /sdcard/ for ROM, OpenGapps and rooting packages
  • install or flash all materials respectively
  • wait to boot with fresh booting 2)

After booting up, follow screen and follow your spirits.

Android basically backup & restore apps & settings apparently with oogle account. However, not for all settings. Especially, individual setting in basic settings is set to default as usual when finishing flashing fresh ROM. For user's sake, Here is personal settings of mine.

Enable Private DNS on over Android 9 Pie

  1. Go to Settings β†’ Network & internet β†’ Advanced β†’ Private DNS
  2. Select the Private DNS provider hostname option.
  3. Enter 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com for Cloudflare, dns.google for Google Public Domain
  4. Visit (or to verify that β€œUsing DNS over TLS (DoT)” shows as β€œYes”. (optional)

Tasker is core apps to let a device to process automatically. With configured condition, Tasker runs defined tasks, which enables automatic process and make user's operation less or none.

Tasker Configuration in common

Apps in Google Playstore

Tasker supports most settings and configurations. However, it does not cover all settings such as LiveDisplay in Lineage ROM. For those kind of settings, Tasker is able to control setting value with CLI (Command Line Interface) environment. This function is possible because tasker can run shell script. Rooting is mandatory and BusyBox is strongly recommended to cover all common commands.

To check key/value for settings, need terminal access or adb connection

  settings --cm list system
  settings --cm list global
  settings --cm list secure

These commands show the key/value pairs for settings and for LiveDisplay related key is display_temperature_mode=2.

  settings --cm put system display_temperature_mode 0 

In tasker, make tasks Code β†’ Run Shell:

Command: settings --cm put system display_temperautre_mode 0 
Use Root: checked 

For multi-device users, accounts are configured and apps are installed for convenience purpose. Therefore, notifications from mail, messenger and apps are delivered to every single device if not specifically disabled.

Notification strategy for multi devices is a strategy, with which multi devices send one time notification for one subjects regardless of devices.

Battery swelling

some requires vendor update vendor mismatch error
not used any more
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