Name: CiCADA Saxotum (official) | 라이λͺ½ (korean)


Storages β€” Storage in details

  • 240G β€” /home/www-data partition
  • 500G β€” ~/storage partition
  • 500G β€” ~/repository partition

Live status of storages

Mounted on             Type  Size  Used Avail Use%
/                      ext4  110G   11G   94G  11%
/home/www-data         ext4  229G  6.1G  211G   3%
/home/meson/storage    ext4  459G  219G  217G  51%
/home/meson/repository ext4  459G  353G   83G  81%

β€” JΓΊne's home network

  • Wired (CiCADA-enx001)

Web publishing and web resources including WebDAV

  • Attach Ubuntu Pro subscription β€” Updated on 2024/05/21 17:41

  • deb_cicada
  • Last modified: 2024/05/21 17:42
  • by JΓΊne Park