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Name: AUTiSM Rainbow (official) | 라몽 (korean)

Model: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ | Raspbierry Pi Model B

500G on ~/storage & 500G on ~/repository Storage in details

Live status of storages

Mounted on             Type  Size  Used Avail Use%
/home/meson/repository ext4  459G  143G  294G  33%
/home/meson/storage    ext4  459G  318G  118G  73%

① Wired (eth0) | ② Wireless (wlan0) | ③ Wired (eth1) — Júne's home network

Video streaming and archives

  • physically exchange hard disk enclosures — Updated on 2019/06/23 22:57
  • replace HDD enclosure for ~/repository & ~/storage — Updated on 2018/09/04 20:33
  • fresh installation of Raspbian OS — Updated on 2018/09/01 17:32
  • change microSD memory for Raspbian OS — Updated on 2018/05/09 12:59
  • static IP using dhcpcd.conf with fallback option — Updated on 2018/02/25 09:28

+Que to do

  • Register user-create shell script for autocomplete enabled — bash-completion
  • List up the aliases and create user-defined command
  • FlexGet configuration before fresh installation

Run update

  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y 

Install samba server and related components

  sudo apt-get install samba samba-common-bin 

Add samba user

  sudo smbpasswd -a userid 

Type user's password twice correctly edit samba config file/etc/samba/smb.conf

  comment = Any description showing your sharing
  path = /home/userid
  valid user = userid
  #writable = yes
  read only = no
  browseable = yes

If you need to specify Work Group name for Windows, find workgroup and edit

   workgroup = YOURWORKGRP 

restart samba service

  sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart 

Build up Transmission (daemon + web remote) and configuration. Reference: Fundamental information on BitTorrent in Korean (한국어). User should understand basic operation on BitTorrent. If not, your server will have tremendous traffics, which reduce your network resource.

Install transmission

  sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon 

Decide a few directories to store torrent files for downloads. Do not use directory located on SD memory but use directories mount on USB attached storages. Assume external USB HDD is attached at /dev/sda and mount on /home/userid/BitTorrent

  sudo mount /dev/sda /home/userid/BitTorrent 

Create three directories for transmission to work efficiently.

  mkdir /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloaded 
  mkdir /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloading 
  mkdir /home/userid/BitTorrent/WillDownload 

Downloaded is for the finished files, Downloading is for the downloading files (still downloading or seeding) and WillDownload is used for watching directory, where you put .torrent file will start downloading automatically. Basically, transmission daemon is operated by user named debian-transmission and also group debian-transmission. Therefore, next step you have to set folder and file permission.

  sudo chgrp debian-transmission /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloaded 
  sudo chgrp debian-transmission /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloading 
  sudo chgrp debian-transmission /home/userid/BitTorrent/WillDownload 
  sudo chmod 770 /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloaded
  sudo chmod 770 /home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloading 
  sudo chmod 770 /home/userid/BitTorrent/WillDownload 

BitTorrent directories allow full permission to owner and debian-transmission group and userid is also its member. So debian-transmission and userid users have full permission to create, edit and delete. Edit /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

    "download-dir": "/home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloaded", 
    "incomplete-dir": "/home/userid/BitTorrent/Downloading",
    "incomplete-dir-enabled": true,    
    "rpc-authentication-required": true, 
    "rpc-bind-address": "", 
    "rpc-enabled": true, 
    "rpc-password": "TYPE_YOUR_OWN_PASSWORD_HERE", 
    "rpc-port": 9090, 
    "rpc-url": "/transmission/", 
    "rpc-username": "userid", 
    "rpc-whitelist": "", 
    "rpc-whitelist-enabled": false, 
    "umask": 6,

umask is sensitive matter to security. If you want to copy/move through samba connection, Set umask as 1 with no further consideration. Append two lines before }

    "watch-dir": "/home/userid/BitTorrent/WillDownload", 
    "watch-dir-enabled": true

Last string line does not have ,. Save settings.json and restart transmission daemon.

  sudo systemctl restart transmission-daemon.service

If there is no error, transmission daemon works correctly and you can access transmission web remote in your browser. Assume machine's IP address (internal) is Transmission Web Interface can be accessed with Port number can be changed “rpc-port”: 9090 and it could be better when it comes to security. Set download/upload speed limits in options.

Edit html page: edit /usr/share/transmission/web/index.html

Can apply to duplicate (any) services with (if any) different port or setting.

  sudo systemctl stop transmission-daemon.service

Update with the latest ones

  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y 

Copy daemon resources and scripts. Call second daemon conveyance-daemon (whatever you want, it's fine.)

  sudo cp /usr/bin/transmission-daemon /usr/bin/conveyance-daemon 
  sudo cp /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon /etc/init.d/conveyance-daemon
  sudo cp -a /var/lib/transmission-daemon /var/lib/conveyance-daemon
  sudo cp -a /etc/transmission-daemon /etc/conveyance-daemon
  sudo cp /etc/default/transmission-daemon /etc/default/conveyance-daemon

Create symbolic link for second daemon.

  sudo ln -sf /etc/conveyance-daemon/settings.json /var/lib/conveyance-daemon/info/settings.json

Edit /etc/init.d/conveyance-daemon


Edit /etc/conveyance-daemon/settings.json. Compare and check settings with default values.

  "download-dir": "new download path of conveyance-daemon"
  "peer-port": 51414, 
  "rpc-username": "NEW_USER",
  "rpc-password": "TYPE_YOUR_NEW_PASSWORD_HERE", 
  "rpc-port": 9092,
  "rpc-whitelist-enabled": false,

Edit /etc/default/conveyance-daemon


Update init.d to let conveyance-daemon start at

  sudo update-rc.d conveyance-daemon defaults

Start original and duplicated daemon to check any errors or conflicts

  sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon.service
  sudo systemctl start conveyance-daemon.service 

If no error, check with Transmission Web Interface. Original one is http://server.ip:9090 and Second one is http://server.ip:9092 according to your port settings.

When downloading in Transmission is finished, send simple notification via PushBullet or Telegram.

Option A. via PushBullet

get API key from PushBullet — Create Access Token

  • API key is like o.8jh96v9p49vW73X3U4HByxo87MLVw4kM

Option B. via Telegram

get API key & chat_id — Create your own Bot with /newbot command.

Create Bot and finish settings such as Bot Name, Description, Profile image and so on.

Find API key from BotFather.

  • API key is like 977114901:279gLSo-d7XZokF4QqM69ZfF3xBKtnYQqMk

Find chat_id from API key

To figure out chat_id,


If this URL returns no chat_id, go to Telegram and give some chats with your Bot. Of course, your Bot never answers you.

After sending some chats, go URL again. It shows something like {“id”:29329664,“first_name”: ….}, and id is your chat_id is 29329664

Stop daemon: sudo systemctl stop transmission-daemon.service

Edit sudo vi /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

    "script-torrent-done-enabled": true,
    "script-torrent-done-filename": "/opt/script/download-done.sh",

Make execute file.

  sudo mkdir /opt/script   
  sudo touch /opt/script/download-done.sh 
  sudo chown debian-transmission:debian-transmission /opt/script/download-done.sh
  sudo chmod +x /opt/script/download-done.sh
  sudo vi /opt/script/download-done.sh

Script for Pushbullet (Option A)

curl -u o.8jh96v9p49vW73X3U4HByxo87MLVw4kM: \
        -X POST https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/pushes \
        --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
        --data-binary "{
                        \"type\": \"note\", 
                        \"title\": \"Transmission in EPiGEN\",
                        \"body\": \"$TR_TORRENT_NAME file is ready @ $TR_TIME_LOCALTIME.\"

Script for Telegram (Option B)

TEXT="$TR_TORRENT_NAME is finished"
curl -d "chat_id=29329664&text=$TEXT" \

Script for Slack using WebHooks (Option C)

curl -X POST --data-urlencode "payload={\"channel\": \"#helpdesk\", \"username\": \"Sender Name\", \"text\": \"The File(s) in <http://bit.torrent/|Transmission Web> is(are) finished.\", \"icon_emoji\": \":ghost:\"}" https://hooks.slack.com/services/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

WebHook address and setup instruction is guided by Slack ™.

Restart daemon sudo systemctl start transmission-daemon.service

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