Video data Workflow

.mp4, .mkv, .avi & related filetype: .srt, .smi

Sourcing location

Transmission web

  • Controlled by
  • Landing at
    • BIT.MESON.IN: regular downloading, not worthy archiving
    • TOR.MESON.IN: batch downloading, worthy archiving
    • GEN.MESON.IN: personal downloading

BitTorrent client

  • Controlled by
  • Landing at each device but not recommended except for extraordinary case.

Personal video by device

  • Controlled by ANDROID, first landing location is each device's storage.
    • BACKUP (MOVE) to EPiGEN as second landing location using FolderSync
    • CLEAR video data from first landing location

Processing tasks

  • Rename files and add subtitlesAPI CODE in progress

Consuming data

Archiving in LOCAL & CLOUD

Archiving has meaning of retrieving data at any time and from any device. Therefore, it should be apt to consume again and share for other's easily. To achieve those works, data you have archived should be in CLOUD with consistency of data.

  • Video data in RASPBIAN
    • If video data is worthy of archiving CONDITION #1
    • If video has educational purposes CONDITION #2
  • A. Archiving location (last landing location)
    • [meson]: Drive powered by MESON.KR Suites — 129 users of 400 licenses
    • [insilico]: Drive powered by INSILICOBIO.COM Suites — 149 users of 300 licenses
    • [denóvo]: Drive powered by institute (unlimited space)
    • For Que purpose, [MESON_EXTERNAL] can be used.
  • B. Personal video data
    • Stored in EPiGEN [LOCAL]
    • YouTube™ operator : in vívo [CLOUD]

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