.png, .jpg, .gif

Sourcing location

Processing tasks

  • Rename files randomly
rename -n 's/(.{10}).*(\.jpg)$/$1$2/' *.jpg
$ rename -n 's/(.{10}).*(\.jpg)$/$1$2/' *.jpg
11512345714x611aaa.jpg -> 1151234571.jpg
1201230111FbcAdee.jpg -> 1201230111.jpg
1208605001abAcd.jpg -> 1208605001.jpg

The -n option only simulates the command, so that you can verify the changes. Run without it to actually make the changes.

The regex (.{10}).*(\.jpg) consists:

.{10} - any 10 characters, in a group (…), followed by .* - any number of any characters followed by \.jpg$ the extension at the end ($) of the filename, in the second group. The replacement $1$2 is just the first group followed by the second.

Consuming data

Archiving in LOCAL & CLOUD

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