.mp3, .ogg

Sourcing location


Music & album

  • Controlled by
    • WINDOWS: Purchase or download music & album
  • Landing at Unfiled Music in EPiGEN (first landing location)

Processing tasks


    • Podcasts .mp3 downloaded in iTunes™ Library sync'd with EPiGEN using GoodSync

Music & album

    • Music & album data are processing by MP3Tag manager.
    • Blank COMMENT field [AUDIO TAG]
    • Save (Write) tag with ID3v2-ID3v2.3 UTF-16 format & Delete tag format ID3v1, APE [AUDIO TAG]
    • Upload .mp3 to iTunes™, which copies and organizes audio data in iTunes library [iTUNES]
    • Launch Music Manager in order to sync with Music [CLOUD] [GOOGLE MUSIC]
  • Tag converting using command line interface

Audio editor

Consuming data


    • Listen Podcasts in BeyondPod with 1.5x speed
    • CLEAR Podcasts audio data in first landing location in ANDROID when finishing listening

Music & album

Archiving in LOCAL & CLOUD

Podcasts originally utilizes RSS feed which contains information on file location & date, etc. Therefore, archiving files of Podcasts is actually not necessary. Only for the purpose of review, .mp3 file could be archived in CLOUD.

  • A. Podcasts audio file (last landing location)
    • Only data worthy of review CONDITION #1
    • Stored in EPiGEN [LOCAL]
  • B. Music & album audio file (last landing location)
    • For not organized audio data still stores in EPiGEN [LOCAL]
    • For organized, Compress album folders, respectively
    • Upload .rar files to [Box, Primus] [CLOUD]
    • All organized audio data by iTunes™ [LOCAL] sync'd in Music [CLOUD]
    • iTunes Library™ backup to EPiGEN & [MESON_EXTERNAL]

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