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 {{material>​developer_board?​32&​color=#​9E0031}} Model: [[https://​www.raspberrypi.org/​products/​raspberry-pi-2-model-b//​|Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+]] | [[wp>​Raspberry_Pi#​Model_B|Raspbierry Pi Model B]] {{material>​developer_board?​32&​color=#​9E0031}} Model: [[https://​www.raspberrypi.org/​products/​raspberry-pi-2-model-b//​|Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+]] | [[wp>​Raspberry_Pi#​Model_B|Raspbierry Pi Model B]]
-{{material>​sd_storage?​32&​color=#​9E0031}} {{fa>​database}} 500G on ''​~/​storage'' ​{{fa>​database}} 500G on ''​~/​repository''​ --- {{fa>​plug}} [[SECURED:​JUNE_HARDWARE#​data_storage|Storage in details]] {{fa>​lock}}+{{material>​sd_storage?​32&​color=#​9E0031}} {{fa>​database}} 500G on ''​~/​storage'' ​{{fa>​database}} 500G on ''​~/​repository''​ --- {{fa>​plug}} [[SECURED:​JUNE_HARDWARE#​data_storage|Storage in details]] {{fa>​lock}}
 === Live status of storages === === Live status of storages ===
 <code ini> <code ini>
-Mounted on             ​Type  Size  Used Avail Use% +Mounted on   ​Type  Size  Used Avail Use% 
-/home/meson/repository ext4  459G  ​143G  294G  33+~/repository ext4  459G  ​297G  139G  69
-/home/meson/​storage ​   ext4  459G  ​318G  118G  73%+~/​storage ​   ext4  459G  ​312G  124G  72%
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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