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Júne's Portus ─ EPiGATE Router

  • Pi [π] Grids
    • D-Link Cloud Router AC1750 DIR-868L
    • Internet Provider: KT
  • Mu [μ] Grids
    • D-Link Router AC1200 DIR-850L
    • Internet Provider: KT
  • Xi [ξ] Grids
    • IPTiME A3004 Dual
    • Internet Provider: KT

Problem: ICMP ping not allowed from external — DIR-868L

Symptom: Tunnelbroker for IPv6 is not accountable without ICMP allowance.

Solution: firmware does not support & Searching…

Problem: D-Link DDNS is not serviced any more

Solution: Disable DDNS service in router settings and register machine based Dynamic DNS by oogle Domains. — Updated on 2020/06/28 20:24

Machine based DDNS

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